Adv3nture: Bandana - Cocktails

$20.00 $12.00

This Cocktail Bandana is dedicated to the hard-working women and men in the bar industry who continue to make drink making an art and an amazing experience.

This bandana was designed, cut, sewn and printed in California, USA.

The price of this premium Bandana is reflective of Americans who were paid a living wage to make them and the quality of fabrics used in their construction. Our decision to produce our products in the USA is based on our desire to employ locally and to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.

The water-based inks that we have chosen to use on these bandanas is made to fade with the fabric through washes. This ensures that the ink and fabric get softer in time. Don't baby your bandana. Beat some character into it!

These bandanas are approximately 20" x 20" are are made from 100% cotton.

The purchase of this item plants three trees.