Don-E-G's: Taco Seasoning


Everyone's favorite salsa brand now has a taco seasoning that is just as good!


Don-E-G's Taco Meat:

1 LB Ground Beef
4 T DON-E-G’s Seasoning (adjust to taste)
¾ Cup Water

Brown the beef. Drain the beef. Put beef back in pan and add the remaining ingredients. Cook on med/low heat for approx. 20 minutes.

Don-E-G's Firecrackers:

16 OZ Ritz Crackers
1 Cup Canola Oil (only Canola)
1 OZ Pkg. Dry Original Ranch Dressing Mix
2 T DON-E-G’s Seasoning (adjust to taste)

Pour canola oil in a small bowl. Add Ranch dressing and seasoning to oil. Stir well. Place all crackers in a gallon Ziploc bag, pour the oil mixture into the bag of crackers. Shake well. Shake several times over a 24-hour period. The oil will be soaked up into the crackers. Enjoy!

Don-E-G's Cheese Dip:

2 Lbs Velveeta Cheese
8 OZ Milk
8 OZ DON-E-G’s Salsa (pick your heat)
4 T DON-E-G’s Seasoning (adjust to taste)

Cube the cheese and place in a double boiler, add remaining 
ingredients. Stir until smooth.