One Log Fire: Mini (1 hr burn)


The OneLogFire Mini is a perfect way to enjoy the ease and convenience of a small, controlled campfire. The OneLogFire Mini is a portable quick start fire log that burns from the inside out to inspire gatherings around fires everywhere. The Mini logs are harvested from local, Minnesota forests and meticulously kiln dried and cut. The Red Pine scent smells soothing just like a traditional campfire. They feature a non-toxic fire starter on the side for quick lighting and a handle on the top for effortless transportation. Because the Mini's only weigh one pound, so the Mini's are perfect for camping, backpacking, or a bring-along on a picnic, outdoor adventure or your next party! The OneLogFire Mini's measures 5'' in diameter by 6'' tall and burn for one hour. You can expect to have an exciting memory-making time with this little wonder! Use OneLogFire for roasting Marshmallows, hot dogs or anything you can put over a traditional campfire but avoid the mess, and hassle, especially handy when camping! These award winning, nationally recognized OneLogFire Mini’s will be the hit of your next celebration, event or party and your guests will be thrilled to see your unique and fascinating way to start a fire!

People purchase a OneLogFire because it is a unique and innovative way to light a small fire anywhere and is perfect for a beach or lakeside bonfire, backyard barbecue, in a fireplace or simply as a way to add ambiance to your next celebration.