Pink House Alchemy: Tonic Syrup


When we decided to make the perfect Tonic, the Pink House Alchemy team got together and picked our favorite gins. (Yes, we love our jobs!) We worked hard to create a tonic that complimented and enhanced the botanical notes in each gin, but we didn’t stop there. Want to try something different? Add a little tonic syrup to your espresso or iced Americano. Made from cinchona powder derived from the bark of a lime tree, tonic gives an acidic and citrus kick to your coffee. Sounds weird, we know, but it works!

Ingredients: cane sugar, water, lemongrass, limes, cinchona, citric acid

Suggested Uses: Pink House Martini (2.5 ounces of gin
1 ounce Tonic Syrup, 3 dashes pH Orange Bitters; Shake with ice until cold. Rinse chilled glass with sweet vermouth. Drain cocktail and garnish with lemon twist)