Spiceology: Sasquatch BBQ blend - Moss


MOSS is arguably the most versatile and complex seasoning in the DIRT, FIRE, MOSS lineup. This aromatic eye-pleaser is sure to spike your senses on all levels. MOSS gets you “covered” and smothered with a powerful arrangement of oregano, basil, thyme, garlic, and other high-quality spices. It is simply “MOSS-OME.”

MOSS gets on everything around here. In your neck of the woods, it should suit you fine on pork, fish, veggies, chicken, and beef. It also works great as a marinade, in sauces, and over pasta. Shake MOSS liberally before smoking, grilling or before pan searing.

Ingredients: Garlic, sea salt, spices, smoked paprika, red bell pepper, rice vinegar powder, and sunflower oil.

14 oz