Spiceology: Derek Wolf blend - Chipotle Garlic (10 oz)


After doing a small portion of my life in West Texas, I fell in love with the culture and food of Latin America. One of my favorite flavors is smoky & spicy Chipotle. My Chipotle Garlic rub is the summation of my time experiencing just that. The smoky spice of the chipotle combines with the tangy & earthy flavors of the garlic and other spices. This rub is an all-purpose blend that goes perfect on just about anything. Try it with Eggs, Pork Loin, Whole Chicken, Beef Short Ribs or anything you are cooking over fire.

Ingredients: Garlic, salt, chili pepper, spices, sugar, onion, red bell pepper, parsley, celery, and sunflower oil

10 oz