Veles: All-Purpose Household Cleaner
Veles: All-Purpose Household Cleaner
Veles: All-Purpose Household Cleaner

Veles: All-Purpose Household Cleaner

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The all-purpose (and better purpose) cleaner. Introducing the world’s first closed-loop cleaning product scientifically derived from food waste.

You’ve heard of food waste, right? It’s kind of having a moment.

Food is a major source of our waste stream that’s primarily landfilled, racking up staggering amounts of greenhouse gas emissions during its life cycle. Because of food waste, landfills are the third largest producer of methane, a gas 30x more potent than CO2.

What you may not know is that throwing away food also represents a major loss of water. Inside the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted globally each year is 45 trillion gallons of water.

We call this ‘resource negative’.

Over the last several years, we’ve developed a process to stabilize and isolate the compounds of food waste and including the water. Then we sought to replace common products that require a lot of water.

Liquid cleaning products are usually over 90% water with a small amount of active ingredients. We’re overachievers, so we made one where the water and active ingredients come from food waste.

Third-Party Tested

Veles is third-party tested and proven to be effective when cleaning a range of surfaces, including: ceramics, glass, fiberglass, chrome, painted metal, stainless steel, and plastic/acrylic.

We're in the process of conducting efficacy and safety tests on marble, wood and laminate. For now, we recommend testing a hidden portion first.