Pink House Alchemy: Vanilla Bean Syrup


Our vanilla bean syrup is a labor of love. We bring in barrels of raw vanilla beans sourced from Madagascar and use every piece of every bean. We split them, scrape the insides, chop the outsides, and use a double filter process to create an added richness. All the fuss is worth it: we’ve found that there is some kind of magic in the agitation of the skin, bean by bean. Try it—we think you’ll agree!

Ingredients: cane sugar, water, vanilla beans, vanilla extract, lactic acid

Suggested Uses: Vanilla Bean Coffee (1 oz of Vanilla Bean syrup, 1 solid cup of joe
Simple and just right!) Vanilla Bean Soaking Cake (Your favorite yellow/white or citrus cake, 1/2 cup Vanilla Bean syrup; Remove cake from oven, use fork tines to pierce the surface of the cake, drizzle pH vanilla syrup in the holes, allow cake to cool. Serve with fresh peaches or apricots and sweet cream)