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Welcome to City Supply, a destination for nostalgic housewares and gifts, as well as modern pieces that inspire and help execute a life well lived. Items that help you live inspired every day.
Our storefront has an inviting feeling that is hard to describe unless you step foot inside our doors. Here you will find an unforgettable shopping experience that covers all of your household basics from award winning Bloody Mary mixes to seasonal candles, home decor sections full of books that inspire, to humorous dog toys. We have brought together an enthusiastic curation of notable things, as well as essentials for the whole family. You’ll find a smattering of things you need, things you want, and things you absolutely must take home! 
We established City Supply in 2018 to draw a connection between the nostalgia for items of our past, items that exude quality and tradition, and also connect us with items that evolve and inspire and exude a life well lived. Our personal style is infused throughout the tightly curated product mix, a style that our customers can enjoy, appreciate, and relate to. We opened City Supply a few months shy of the birth of our daughter, Hattie Bo. A few years later we welcomed her baby brother, Duke, to complete our family. You will find us in every aspect of our small team of go-getters! Shipping, stocking, marketing and curating a product list you can rely on for inspiration. We are truly a family owned and operated small business and we plan on keeping it that way!
Thanks for stopping by, and please come visit!
Kirsten + Chase Morman



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