Jack Rudy: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This California grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exciting addition to the world of Jack Rudy, the first of many products created “for the perfect pantry.” Over the last decade, the name Jack Rudy has become synonymous with products of the highest quality - products we test and use in our own homes. 

While drink making has always been our focus, we are avid home cooks, and believe that drink making and home cooking go hand-in-hand. This led us to the development of a series of pantry essentials - an extension to our business that will continue to grow in the years to come.

We worked with our olive farm (see our Olive Brine or Vermouth Brined Olives) for an aromatic, versatile Olive Oil that has quickly become an essential in our home cooking. It is ideal for a number of applications - grilling, sautéing, making vinaigrettes, or finishing a dish with a hearty pour.

Our oil is 100% California Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A base of Arbequina, prized for its fruity, buttery flavor, is blended with smaller amounts of Mission and Arbesana varietals in order to achieve the profile we crave.  You will find it is quickly an essential in your own kitchen, and a fantastic gift for the cooking enthusiast in your life.

Approximately 50 servings per container.